Gargiulo Bros. Oil Inc. was started by four brothers and has served the New Haven Community for over 80 years. While the business has always been focused on the home delivery of supplies for heating and cooling, those supplies have changed drastically over the years. The business origins first began with the delivery of coal and kerosene used to heat the house as well as the delivery of ice for iceboxes, used to keep food fresh before modern day refrigerators were available. Other initial services provided by the company included a moving and transportation service and the use of an insulated truck to purchase fresh fish from New York City at night and deliver it to the fish markets of New Haven in the morning.

Around the early 1930s the port of New Haven was quickly becoming a storage center for petroleum and correspondingly houses were being converted from coal furnaces to oil furnaces. It was at this time that the brothers decided to drop the coal, kerosene, and ice delivery services and redefine the business as a fuel oil delivery company. As the number of homes using oil furnaces grew, the company grew and expanded to provide to customers outside the city limits.

While the technology and home heating methods have changed over the years, the one thing that has remained a constant at Gargiulo Bros. Oil Inc is a dedication to providing great customer service. Choosing the right oil company is important to a homeowner. You want to know that your house is warm when it’s cold outside and know that if a problem arises reliable service is only a phone call away. To be in business for over 80 years, we must be doing something right! To our loyal customers, thank you for your business over the years. To prospective customers, we look forward to hearing from you soon!